Darin Boville

Computational Photography

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Some of my Projects

100 DaysThe FaithfulPrimariesStatic FilmsTransitional Delights (2016-2017)TypewritersThe BombHello, World!RGBThe RodeoShock and AweAirhead12 Moons19 Airplanes (2001/2015)21 DaysFlagsNumbersAndy’s Flowers (2008/2014)BlueCategory 3 (2005/2014)Portfolio Three (Red Circles)WavesGeological Exploration of the Lunar SurfaceFaraday/Sugimoto CandlesPortrait of MontaraStieglitz NebulaeCalifornia LandscapesCalifornia ZephyrAntietamDerwood, MarylandEarly Static Films