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Darin Boville


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Early Static Films (late 1990s-early 2000s)


 The Rodeo

The Rodeo #1, 2016. Fifteen minutes, looped. No sound. [See more videos.]

Best if viewed full screen (click on icon in bottom right corner).



The Bomb  •  Hello, World!

RGB (coming soon)  •  Shock and Awe (coming soon)

Typewriters (coming soon) 

Static Films (coming soon)

19 Airplanes  •  Flags  •  Airhead  •  21 Days

Blue  •  Clouds  •  12 Moons  •  Numbers

Portfolio Three (Red Circles)  •  Waves (Color and B&W)

Category 3  •  Andy’s Flowers  •  Antietam

19 Airplanes iPad App, soundtrack

Geological Exploration of the Lunar Surface

California Zephyr  •  Derwood, Maryland

Portrait of Montara  •  Faraday-Sugimoto Candles

Stieglitz Nebulae  •  California Landscapes