Hardcover version of Computational Photography, signed




If the traditional photography book is akin to a novel then Computational Photography is book of essays, all along common themes with both images and text interacting with each other in ways both overt and subtle. Divided into three sections, War, Art, and Technology, Computational Photography is made up of sixteen bodies of photographic work, each with an accompanying text written by the photographer. 

The photographs touch on questions including the nature of creativity and communication, privacy, the role of the artist, and the power of photography itself in the image-saturated world. The essays, intended to explore some aspect of the images rather than to explain them, range over a variety of topics, from space exploration to naval battles, from Ansel Adams to fear of flying, yet each integrates with the others, often directly so. The book is further enhanced by making unique use of varnish on the page to—literally—add an additional layer of meaning.

Darin Boville is a photographic artist, working with photographs, videos, computational art, and silkscreen, living in Montara, California. His work is held in private collections and in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

9×12 inches, 240 pages (157 gsm), hardcover with dust jacket, signed.