Derwood, Maryland (2003)

I used to live in Derwood, Maryland. On Dew Wood Drive. Kids used to tease me, calling me Darwood when I was a little kid. So I was Darwood, on Dew Wood, in Derwood. It’s goofy, yes.

Derwood is a small town in Maryland, not far from Washington, DC. Our little development, Shady Grove, built in the 1960 or 70s is all grown up now, with mature trees and enough age and change that you don’t at first realize that the houses come in three basic styles. The schools are good, the houses roomy. People mow their own lawns and some of them take that chore very seriously. But there was nowhere really to walk to, just around and around the block. Yet it could be beautiful and comfortable and safe.

I don’t miss it and frankly, though I lived there for four or five years, I rarely think about it. Then I remembered these images from 2003. They capture that sense of place, a complex notion of a “thereness,” easy to snicker at but yet deeply desired.

There are thirty images in the complete project, which I finally printed in 2013.

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