Category 3 (2005/2014)

Back in 2005 or 2006 I exhibited some of this work, in an early form, on my website. For each of the projects I exhibited I would write a short text intro to (hopefully) not only entice the viewer to click through to the images but help frame the work in some way for them, to get them started off in the right direction at least. This is the text I wrote back then:

At the end of August, 2005, inspiration came. In the week that followed, the feeling grew, waking me from a too-long mid-life slumber. By the weekend, in early September, I began what I felt I had to do.

I am, at heart, as a photographer, a traditionalist. When crisis strikes, when wars ravage the land, as great storms rise up out of the deep to smite the belly of our nation, I look to tradition, to what traditionalists have always done in time of need. I did what needed to be done regardless of its financial cost to myself, its toll on my family. I looked deep into myself, considered my own role in society, assessed the meaning of life, the meaning of my life.

I did the only thing I could do, the only thing to do: I made photographs.

Photographs of rocks. Of trees. I photographed a few bushes.

I strengthened our traditions. 

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