Sherman sells for $2.88 million, not record breaking

I just read that the Akron Art Museum, where I saw so much great photography growing up, sold a Cindy Sherman from its collection. The print as I recall is four or five feet wide–I saw the original show way back in 1984. Believe it or not the Akron Art Museum was one of the first institutions to exhibit her work.

There was some expectation that the sale would beat the Gursky Rhine II record, set a few months ago. Another copy of Sherman’s image, from the same edition of ten, sold recently for almost four million dollars. But for whatever reason this one sold for “only” $2.88 million.


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  1. Hi Darin,
    If you haven’t seen the Cindy Sherman show at SFOMA yet, my husband (Kent Roberts) is the Chief Preparator and Exhibition Design Manager there andwould be happy to give a VIP Behind-the-Scenes Tour to you.
    Lemme know!

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