Down in Pasadena

I spent much of the past few weeks traveling. One place I went was to Pasadena, to the Art Center College of Design to see the WORLDS show, curated by Stephen Nowlin, in which I had five works.

Visiting a show with your own work can be a mixed experience. I once arrived at a show in Dunkirk, New York, only to find that one of my works, a large multi-image piece of images taken from the backs of porno VHS tapes, had not been put on display. No advanced warning by the curator. No call, no letter. Even after I arrived the gallery personnel sort of hovered as I walked around, a little uncomfortable. Perhaps waiting for me to make a scene, like on TV?

I suspect that they expected me not to show at the exhibit at all and they were hoping to hide the fact that they had “edited” my images. Cowardly. I didn’t make a scene–I was embarrassed for them, for their weakness.

All of which is a roundabout way to say that my work on display at Art Center was displayed beautifully. The five pieces were lit perfectly–they simply glowed upon the walls. Better yet, they were displayed in the front of the gallery so that not only did they dominate your field of view as you entered the space they were visible from outside the gallery through the full length glass wall. What a pleasant surprise.


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