Random order, incomplete

On a internet photo forum the question was posted. “Do you have a list of photo critique criteria?”

I offered the following list.

“Random order, incomplete:

–Has this been done before?
–If done before, is this one better?
–Is it visually interesting? (as opposed to technically interesting, or intellectually interesting)
–Does it work as a photograph? (Or do you need a text panel, background information? Should it have been a painting or a short story or a protest chant?)
–Does it stick in your mind, days later, coming again to you when you are driving, thinking of other issues, always hovering there in the background?
–Damn the photographer do you wish you had done it first?
–Could it be done better?
–Did they really nail it? (Did they miss, or take the easy way, or pander, or pose?)
–Do you laugh out loud without meaning to when you see it?
–Do you go back to see it again before you leave? Do you go back days later to see it again?
–Do you spent more than five minutes with it?
–Does the photo know what it is about–or is it just pretending?
–Does its attraction come from familiarity?
–It is true? Is it honest?”

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