We all might die…right about…NOW

If you are reading this post just as it goes live at 3:28 p.m., California time, and you hear a very large “boom” outside, well, sorry.

That sound which you shouldn’t be hearing is 2005 YU55, a spinning rock 1300 feet across which is rushing toward (or by now, away) from Earth at 29,000 miles per hour. It is supposed to get close–closer than the Moon–but not close enough to slam into our planet and push it out of orbit or skim our atmosphere and suck all the gas out into space. Nothing like that. Two hundred thousand miles away at its closet approach sure sounds like a lot of wiggle room. Of course, aimed straight at Earth, 2005 YU55 would take a mere six hours to cross the gap.

Yesterday NASA made a radar image. They could have just linked to my California Landscapes page at a much lower cost.


Photo on right, the very expensive one, by NASA.


UPDATE (4:58 p.m.):

This did not happen.


Illustration of Doomsday by NASA artist Don Davis. Don has his own site with both his NASA images (public domain) and his personal work (not public domain, but you can buy it).


ANOTHER UPDATE (11:51 p.m.):

Starting Thursday our worries may be over. Atari will be releasing a new and improved version of the classic Asteroids game for Apple devices (and maybe for the other guys, too, I don’t really know). Dubbed Asteroids: Gunner, you’ll get the first fifty levels for free–plenty for the casual gamer. Speaking of free, the game itself is free. Life is good. Take that 2005 YU55!

See SlidetoPlay.com for all the details.

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