The WORLDS and me

Stephen Nowlin gets it. He is one of the few curators in the United States exploring–and rediscovering–the affinities of art and science. Nowlin in the director of the Williamson Gallery at the Art Center College of Design, a high-end art school more commonly referred to simply as Art Center. Alum of the school include the wonderful Hiroshi Sugimoto.

The school is located in Pasadena, just outside Los Angeles, a town which is home base to science institutions such as CalTech and NASA’s famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The location is perhaps perfect for a gallery that specializes in exploring the intersections and connectedness of art and science and that is just what the Williamson Gallery does.

Its current show is WORLDS, which opened last month and runs until January 15.

Nowlin has put together a video to give viewers who are too far away to visit the gallery a sense of the show. (Be sure to select “720p” and full screen from the YouTube menu, if your connection will support the higher quality level.)



(Disclosure: The highlight for me of the video comes just after the two minute mark when it shows a wall of five large images looking something like asteroids floating in space. Those look strangely familiar….But I must confess that the black and white video work that opens and closes the clip is awfully cool, too.)


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