Photo assignments for kids (download)

Teaching kids photography can be tricky. My own kids enjoyed learning a little about photography in the context of a “special day.”

Here’s how it worked:

During the summer, after giving the kids a few days to “chill out,” I would surprise them by leaving a written photo assignment on the kitchen table, where they would find it when they woke up in the morning.  We would do an assignment once or twice a week–spending the entire mid-day shooting and then that same night we would look at the photographs on our television. I talked about this a little in my earlier posts about teaching kids photography.

I was surprised and pleased  to see how eagerly the kids took to the assignments, how eager they were to push themselves.

Maybe you’d like to use the written assignment sheets I wrote with your own kids? If so, you can download them below. They are six small pdf files, zipped together. If you do use them I’d love to hear back from you whether the kids enjoyed them–and whether you think they learned anything.

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